A Dependable Safety Group for Machine Shop Companies

Machine Shop Safety Group 506 Dependable Dividends

You need workers’ compensation coverage for your business. But it’s expensive. Where can you find affordable coverage? Machine Shop Safety Group 506 may be the answer. In addition to a 20% discount from the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF), each group member participates in our dividend program, which since 2001 has returned an average of 28% each year to all members. That’s 20% in addition to the NYSIF discount. And, when one of your employees is injured at work, we manage the case for you to ensure the best possible outcome and keep your workers compensation costs as low as possible. Talk to your broker or ask us for a quote and discover the benefits of group membership today!

Are you Eligible?

Companies within these industries are eligible for membership in Machine Shop Safety Group 506

  • 2790 - Pattern Making N.O.C.
  • 3113 - Tool Mfg. N.O.C. No Drop-Mach Forge
  • 3114 - Tool Mfg. N.O.C. Finishing
  • 3129 - Metal-Stamped Prod. Mfg.
  • 3132 - Nut-Bolt-Spike Mfg.
  • 3145 - Screw Mfg.
  • 3559 - Confectioners Machinery Mfg.
  • 3629 - Precision Mach Parts Mfg. N.O.C.
  • 3632 - Machine Shops N.O.C.

About Machine Shop Safety Group 506

Trade Group 506 – Machine Shop Safety was established 1/1/1986. It has an anniversary date of January 1 each year. The group program provides upfront discounts and dividends.

How We Help You

When one of your employees is injured at work, we represent you before the New York State Insurance Fund to get the best possible results in terms of safety, claims management, and cost-effectiveness.

We put your interests first! Our goal is to keep your premiums as low as possible by reviewing reserves, monitoring losses, and closing cases quickly.

How Will You Benefit?

Members of our safety group get a 20% discount on their NYSIF Workers’ Comp policy and participate in our groupwide dividend program, which has delivered consistent results since the group was founded in 1986. Members can also benefit from improved experience credit ratings, which lower premiums further.

Average dividend payout since 2001


Yearly Dividends: Group 506 2001—2018

Year Dividend (%)
Year Dividend (%)

About Professional Risk Organizers

Professional Risk Organizers was established as a safety group manager in January 1986. We manage five successful safety groups within the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF), the largest workers’ compensation writer in New York State.

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